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About me

Hi, my name is Micha. I'm glad you want to know more about me.

What distinguishes me: good communication, curiosity and patient ambition.

Good teamwork needs good communication in a friendly and humorous manner. Empathy is very important, to feel if the other person has understood correctly and to clarify if necessary to avoid misunderstandings. Harmonious and pleasant cooperation is very important to me and others like to work with me because of it.

I love to learn and to face new challenges. My curiosity drives me and I find it great to research and learn new things. I am quickly immersed in a topic, be it creative or technical, and can show results after a short time.

When setting goals I am ambitious, but patient. A hectic approach leads to mistakes and frustration. Of course, you have to get started, work hard and keep at it. Good planning leads to success faster and better in the end.

Please call or write me if you liked what you learned.


Research & Ideation - Experience: 10y+

Technologies used: Search Engines, Artificial Intelligence Tools

Implementation: Design

  • 2D & Graphics Design - Experience: 10y+

    Technologies used: Affinity Creative Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Sketchbook, (GIMP), (Inkscape)

  • Motion Design - Experience: 4y+

    Technologies used: Davinci Resolve, GIMP, Enve, Blender, CSS, SVG SMIL

  • UX & Web Design - Experience: 6y+

    Technologies used: Figma, HTML, CSS (SASS), Bootstrap, WordPress & Plugins, GitHub, Cloudflare Pages, (JS)

  • 3D Design & Visualization - Experience: 1y

    Technologies used: Blender, FreeCAD, (Rhinoceros 3D)

Implementation: Information Technology

  • Software Development - Experience: 2y+

    Technologies used: BASH (GNU/Linux Command Line), Git, (JavaScript)

  • System Operations - Experience: 7y+

    Technologies used: Linux, LXD, LEMP Stack (GNU/Linux, NGINX, MariaDB, PHP), Cloudflare

  • Administration & Support - Experience: 7y+

    Technologies used: MS Windows, MS Office, Android, iOS, All of the above

Marketing & Communication

  • Branding, Campaigns, SEO - Experience: 10y+

    Technologies used: All the above, SEO-Tools

  • Advertisement, SEA - Experience: 2y+

    Technologies used: Google Ads

  • Languages - German: Mother tongue + English: Full professional proficiency